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Ipe decking is many things: Durable - Long-lasting - Beautiful. It's also the premier decking material used throughout the world for major commercial outdoor deck and boardwalk projects. It's chosen by city planners, architects, and builders because it's also one of the only natural decking options that last over 75 years without any maintenance at all. The most famous example of this longevity is the Coney Island boardwalk. Installed over 70 years ago, the wood is still in such pristine condition that the recently removed planks were refinished and sold as high-end furniture in New York City. Composites, on the other hand, have a long history of failure, decay, and mold issues which have led many areas to actually replace their decking due to complaints and concerns over litigation.

What about the environment? Make no mistake, like all the hardwood products we sell, our ipe decking was not clear-cut, or pillaged from the rain forest. Every plank we sell comes from IBAMA certified and LACEY Act compliant mills. we specifically choose logs that no longer produce seeds and actually starve the surrounding area of resources, limiting the future growth of surrounding foliage and, you guessed it, ipe trees.

Misplaced environmental concerns aside, our inventory of Ipe decking is perfect for its for durability and simple beauty. One of the hardest wood species in the world, ipe will last decades with minimal upkeep. Ipe presents a tight, unobtrusive grain pattern that will fit perfectly with any modern look. In the area of safety, ipe is slip, splinter, and fire resistant. You can't go wrong choosing ipe for your commercial deck.

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